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The Juolasvesi lake has more than 100 islands and connects to other lakes so there is plenty to explore by boat. You might want to go for a picknik on one of the islands or just explore them for fun. Or you might want to visit some of the other destinations.

Some destinations for boat-trips are:

  • Pieni Linnasaari (aka "Small Castle Island") with a wooden pier and campingsite including a fireplace (about 2,1 km by boat).

  • Haukkavuori (aka "Hawk Mountain") camping site with fireplace, scenic view from the mountain top and rock paintings originating from the stone or bronze age (about 5.1 km away by boat).

  • Linnasaari (aka "Castle Island") with Lapp Cairns (it is an ancient ritual stone structure) (about 2 km by boat).

  • Miekka coffee (about 9km by boat but also reachable by car or bike 8,2km)

The distances mentioned above are ONE WAY. Please note that you might also want to come back by boat :)