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A private fire place

There is a private campfire place about 50 meters from the Lakehouse. Near the house you will find a small path into the forest where you will find wooden planks. If you continue the path on the planks through the forest you will arrive at the campfire place. The fireplace is on a rock right at the shore of the lake at a beautiful spot.

At the fire place you can use the iron grill or sticks for cooking food on the fire. At the lakehouse you can also find a pancake-pan and a coffee-pot for use on the campfire if you want to make coffee or pancakes on open fire.

There is enough firewood and next to the fireplace there is a bucket for putting out the fire with lake-water (or snow) after you are ready.

The fireplace is in use from autumn to early spring. At summertime the fireplace is not in use (because of the forest fire risk) - instead the place transforms into a great outdoor picnick place!