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Verla Mill Museum

The Verla Mill Museum is one of the seven UNESCO World Heritage sites in Finland. (about 50km from the cottage).

It is the only forest industry related UNESCO site in the world. Verla Mill started in 1872 and produced cardboard which was exported around the world, for example to central Europe and the (pre-soviet) Russian Empire. The decision to stop the mill came in 1950s. The site has been preserved in the original form - the way it was when it was stopped ~60 years ago.

The Verla Mill employed over a hundred people and a village of over 300 people, and it's own school, had formed around it. In addition to the actual mill there are multiple buildings at the site, among others the millowners villa and the workers houses. The villa has a large garden too.

* The Verla Mill Museum is open from early May to the end of September.

* You can enter the mill only with a guided 1-hour tour (costs ~12e per adult, children are free).

* You can buy the tour tickets from the "Info" building.

* The tours are held every day on the hour from 10-18 or 11-16.

* The tour guide will also speak english if needed. Some presentations are available in other languages too.

* The restaurant "Verla" is usually open until 16.

Check the latest info and opening times here: verla.fi