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How to get there?

Getting from Helsinki to Lakehouse Juolas (in Mäntyharju)

  • From Helsinki Airport

    • By car ~2h to Lakehouse Juolas

    • Or by train:

      • Commute by train to 'Tikkurila' train station (~10 minutes)

      • Take intercity train to Mäntyharju (~1h 55min)

      • Finally take a taxi from the Mäntyharju railway to the Lakehouse (12km)

  • From Helsinki Center

    • By car ~2h 15min to Lakehouse Juolas (roads 4 & 5)

    • Or by train:

      • Take Intercity train to Mäntyharju (~2h 10min)

      • Finally take a taxi from the Mäntyharju railway to the Lakehouse (12km)

    • Or by bus (for example Onnibussi)

      • Take the bus to Vihantasalmi (~ 2h 30min)

      • Taxi from Vihantasalmi to Lakehouse Juolas (11km)

Taking a ship ⛴️ to Helsinki

There are multiple ferry lines to Helsinki. All of them allow cars so you can arrive with your own car which is often the cheaper alternative especially when staying for a longer time in Finland.

From Sweden

  • Stockholm - Helsinki ~18h (Viking Line, Silja Line, etc.)

From Germany

  • Travemünde (Lübeck) - Helsinki 30h (Finnlines)

From Estonia

  • Tallin - Helsinki 3h 30min (Tallink-Siljaline, Viking Line, Eckerö Line, etc.)

Flights ✈️ to Helsinki

The Helsinki International Airport has direct flights from almost every European major city. Here a just some examples on the traveling options to Helsinki when taking direct flights (as of 2023).

From Germany

  • Berlin - Helsinki 1h 50min (Finnair, Eurowings, etc.)

  • Frankfurt - Helsinki 2h 30min (Lufthansa, Finnair, etc.)

  • Munich - Helsinki 2h 45min (Lufthansa, etc.)

  • Hamburg - Helsinki 1h 50min (Finnair)

From Sweden

  • Stockholm - Helsinki 55min (Norwegia, SAS, Finnair, etc.)

From Switzerland

  • Zürich - Helsinki 2h 45min (Finnair)

From Austria

  • Wien - Helsinki 2h 25min (Finnair)

From Great Britain

  • London 2h 55min (Finnair, British Airways, Norwegian, etc.)

  • Edinburg 2h 30min (Finnair, British Airways, etc.)

Other routes to Finland

Some other options are also possible. For example by train from Central Europe to Stockholm and taking the Ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki or Turku.

Another popular option to/from Central and Eastern Europe to Finland is the so called "Via Baltica". The road E67 runs from Warshaw though 5 countries all the way to Tallin from where it is only a 3h ferry ride to Helsinki. More about Via Baltica here in Wikipedia: European route E67 - Wikipedia