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In Finland everyone has the right to enjoy nature, regardless of who owns the area. Everyman’s rights gives freedom to move in nature, but also brings responsibilities. The most important thing is respect for nature, people and property. Acting with everyman’s right must not cause more than minor harm to the landowner, land use or nature.

Everyone is allowed to:

  • Walk, ski, bike or ride freely (except very close to homes or through farm fields and nursery plantations which could easily be damaged)

  • Camp temporarily (at a reasonable distance from homes)

  • Pick wild berries, mushrooms and and flowers, as long as they are not protected species

  • Fish with a simple rod and line

  • Use boats and swim in inland waters and the sea

  • Walk, ski or drive a motor vehicle on frozen lakes, rivers and the sea

All of the above can be restricted in national parks and other protected areas in order to protect sensitive areas or threatened plant or animal species. Please pay close attention to any restrictions.

It is not allowed to:

  • Disturbe people or damage property

  • Disturbe reindeer, game, nesting birds, their nests or young

  • Keeps pets off leash

  • Cut down or damage trees

  • Collect moss, lichen or fallen trees

  • Light a campfire without permission, except in an emergency

  • Intrude on people’s privacy by camping too close or making too much noise

  • Litter

  • Drive a motor vehicle off-road without the landowner’s permission

  • Hunting without proper permits

  • Fishing with nets, traps, or a reel and lure without proper permits

Source: nationalparks.fi